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YIMEI Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (affiliated to SUNMEI Group, founded in 2010). Up to eight years of development, now our company is worldwide leading chain hotel brand operator. We have more than 3,000 stores ranked the 12th hotel group which operate numbers of stores in the global world. We were on the list of Top20 of the Global Hotel Group by magazine HOTELS of the United States. Today, our network is throughout China, Russia, South Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia and other countries, to bring operation and management experience chain for many countries and regions around the world. In 2018, YIMEI focuses on expanding the African hotel market and local Ethiopian branches, we expect to open more hotels in preparation by the end of 2018. We urgently need a number of elites, and we are sincerely look forward to your joining!

Recruitment position

Sales Executive

description of job:

Market Development

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the search and development of new projects in your region;

2. Responsible for collecting local newspapers, network investment information and quotes;

3. Responsible for the independent negotiation of development projects;

4. Responsible for signing cooperation agreements with intermediary agencies in your region;

5.Responsible for initial contact and the process between owners and project information content confirmation.

Job Requirements:

1. 25-35 years old, college degree or above;

2.Familiar with local estate market, good social relations, good social resources;

3. Independently with project development;

4. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, brainstorming, dedicated and responsible, hard working, challenging heart;

5.More than three years of related work experience, adapt to business travel;

6.Chain stores development experience is preferred, estate intermediary, commercial estate development experience is preferred.

Sales Executive

description of job:

 Engineering Consultant

Job Responsibilities

1. Cooperate with engineering department to complete the task assigned by leader;

2. Responsible for the preparation of the store project progress, engineering quality guidance and control, and communicate with the implementation and supervision of the VI standard to the constructor department

3. Responsible for the recommendation of decoration companies in their respective regions, and assist in bidding for quotations;

4. Cooperate with material consultant to complete the standard material supporting tasks of the branch.

Job Requirements

1.30-40 years old, good communication skills;

2. More than three years of project guidance and decoration experience, decoration team management experience is preferred;

3. Understanding decoration materials, prices, labor costs, machinery costs, etc.

Sales Executive

description of job:

English Customer Service

Job Responsibilities

1.Browse the backstage, check message information, organize daily customer information.

2. Choose the appropriate time to return to customers for different countries, analysis customer project, and facilitate inspection, signing to make deals.

3.Assist the Chinese team and foreign clients business negotiations translation and interpretation.

4. Finish the superior leader's assignment

Job Requirements

1.The market has great interest and enthusiasm, aspiring in the hotel industry long-term development.

2. English majors, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, interpretation, translation skills.

3. Strong learning ability, quickly adapt to the new environment and new skills.

4. Work methodically, with a sense of responsibility, professional,serious to customer inquiries.

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